Our entire way of life depends on sustainable fisheries. From the billions of people around the world who rely on fish for food, to the local businesses, chefs, and fishermen whose way of life depends on abundant fish populations, the potential consequences of overfishing are severe. 

Ocean Conservancy has spent 20 years advocating for sustainable fisheries, fighting to restore the ocean’s bounty and strengthen coastal economies. The passage and subsequent strengthening of the historic Magnuson-Stevens Act in 1976 has had a massive impact, helping us rebuild fish populations, but we’re not out of the deep end yet—overfishing and ocean acidification continue to devastate fish populations, from cod, to rockfish, to sharks.

With your help, we protect the ocean, the food it provides, and the people who depend on it. Your support is critical to preserve a healthy ocean and the food it provides for the future.

If our fisheries collapse, millions of people will be out of work and our coastal communities will suffer. Commercial and recreational fishing would be severely impacted and our food choices limited. When you donate to Ocean Conservancy, you are helping us develop science-based solutions to the most complex challenges facing our oceans, including overfishing and ocean acidification. With your continued support, we will promote sustainable fishing practices and continued research into the effects of ocean acidification on our fisheries.