An oyster farmer, an engineer who wants to build an offshore wind farm, and a recreational boater sit down for lunch—well, Ocean Planning is more complicated than that, but you get the idea. The fact is, our ocean plays a vital role in our economy, and deciding how multiple stakeholders can work together to coordinate their activities and reduce potential conflicts ensures that industries that rely on our ocean can thrive while protecting our natural resources and ecosystems for generations to come. 

We can make better decisions to keep our ocean healthy and productive. Get involved by donating today. 

Coordinated ocean planning has already led to millions of dollars of investment and created jobs in offshore development in States across the nation. Too much or poorly implemented development can have serious consequences on our ocean, marine life, and our economy. By making data-informed choices and involving local communities in best practices for offshore development, we ensure our ocean stays healthy while prioritizing the needs of those who rely on our ocean for a living.