The Arctic is home to some of the world's most extraordinary marine wildlife, from narwhals to polar bears, and even corals. Species like walruses and seals depend on the arctic ice to live. Communities of indigenous people and Alaskan natives depend on a healthy marine environment for survival. You can help protect the future of the Arctic with a donation today. 

Why is the Arctic important? The Arctic regulates our climate. The Arctic is vital to freshwater inflow for the entire planet. Arctic fisheries maintain jobs, economic stability and provide some of our favorite fish worldwide (salmon and trout included!). As glaciers and sea ice continue to melt, more ships and oil tankers will make their way into the Arctic, increasing the chances of devastating oil spills. Migrating species like bowhead whales and millions of birds face threats from exploratory drilling, black carbon pollution and increased vessel and air traffic.

The Arctic is home to four million people, but its existence affects us all. Your donation supports all of our program work like that in the Arctic and promotes the wellbeing of our Earth today and its safeguard for generations to come.