Help protect manatees and their habitat.

Manatees–so gentle, so peaceful–desperately need our help.

As we lose seagrass along the Florida coast to rising temperatures and devastating storms and hurricanes, manatees and other wildlife are at risk. Seagrass is also another way to lessen the impact of carbon pollution and an increasingly acidic ocean.

Give to Ocean Conservancy today to protect and expand seagrass beds to stand strong against ocean acidification and provide food, haven and habitat for manatees and other beloved sea creatures.

Thank you!


The ocean supplies the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink. It’s our planet’s life support system. And it’s at risk. Pollution is changing the basic chemistry of the ocean. Overfishing is damaging fish stocks. The trickle down effect is huge: people’s livelihoods, the food on our plates, the health of our planet, and the entire eco-system, all in danger. But you can make a difference.


Ocean Conservancy is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau and holds high ratings with charity watchdogs. Your support is helping our oceans flourish.