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Whale sharks need your help

Turn a memory into a milestone with an honor donation

When you look back at the milestones of your life, what will you remember? Birthday cakes, graduation decorations, and wedding cards all mark the moment, but what makes a moment last? Honoring a loved one with a donation to protect our ocean marks the milestones of our life with something bigger than ourselves — a commitment to a healthy planet for generations to come. 

Show them they mean the world to you by making a difference for our ocean.

When talking about someone you love, have you ever said, “She means the world to me?” Maybe you’re onto something. Put those words into action with an honor donation. With a gift in his or her name, you’ll be dedicating your loved one’s gift to the health of our ocean. As a donor, you will receive acknowledgement and thanks from Ocean Conservancy. Your loved one will be recognized, and you will both join the fight to save our ocean and protect our planet for generations to come.

Our commitment

Ocean Conservancy is committed to a healthy ocean that sustains life on our planet. We believe in science-based solutions to achieve cleaner beaches, cleaner water, and a vibrant ocean ecosystem. 

From a warming arctic to increasing levels of ocean acidification, the ocean needs us now more than ever. By giving a loved one the gift of a donation in their name, you become part of the movement to restore our ocean.

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