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Invest in our ocean’s future
Become a Champion for Sea Change

Over one million known species call our ocean home, and it’s likely there are millions more we have yet to encounter. Those of us who reside on dry land rely on our ocean’s vast resources to sustain human life and our coastal economies across the planet. Champions for Sea Change make programs devoted to making our ocean clean and healthy, such as the ICC, possible. 

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Ocean trash. Overfishing. Acidification. Champions for Sea Change invest in turning the tide for our ocean.

The amount of trash in our ocean has increased dramatically, but we’re tackling this challenge head on. During our 2015 International Coastal Cleanup, we collected nearly 18 million pounds of trash. That’s nearly 18 pounds of garbage for every known species in our ocean.

But we can’t continue this critical work without your support. Your contribution today will help us clean up the trash that is polluting our ocean, and harming those who live there, as well as help us develop a sustainable plan to prevent further pollution. 

With your help, we can restore the health and cleanliness of our ocean, and make a better planet for all of us.

Invest in a healthy ocean

Plastic bags are the second most dangerous objects in our ocean, following abandoned fishing gear. Many species of marine mammals mistake these plastic bags for food, and eat them. Sadly, ingesting plastic bags can lead to serious health problems, and even death. 

Plastic bags are one of the most common types of pollution we find in our ocean. We collected over 800,000 of these plastic bags during our last International Coastal Cleanup alone. Your investment in Ocean Conservancy will help us remove even more trash from our ocean and implement plans to prevent it from entering our ocean in the first place. 

Your generous donation today will ensure we are able to continue these vital cleanup efforts that save lives in our ocean.

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